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I. The world's leading technique for cordycepin production

Cooperate with Dayeh University, we devoted to the techniques development of Cordyceps militaris cultivation and cordycepin production.

  1. DNA analysis and species identification:

    Extracting DNA and confirm the authorized identity of Cordyceps militaris through internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequence analysis. In addition, there is appraisal report provided by Food Industry Research and Development Institute to approve.

  2. Species Recovery and Conservation Management:

    Intact species management and preservation system for eradicating the risk of fungal aging and persist in screening for quality improvement.

  3. Early Activity Detection System (EADS):

    Controlling the strain activity from the beginning stage of cultivation and predicting the risk of fungal aging to assure the strong cultivating productivity.

  4. Dynamic Multi-stage Fermentation System (DMFS) technique:

    Analyzing different growing phases, followed by regulating the growing conditions to double the yield of functional ingredients.

  5. Specific LED wavelength arousing mass production technique:

    Various wavelengths of light would affect the growth curve, growth pattern, and the output of functional ingredients. We use the best wavelength combination system to cultivate C. militaris.

  6. Multi-polarity extraction and stripping system (MPES):

    MPES is a high-efficient extraction and stripping technique with reasonable cost, which can refine cordycepin essence and suitable for botanical drug development and supplement for particular community.

  7. Big data analytics:

    In the direction of Industry 4.0—Intelligent control of cultivating, we assemble environment control and growth profile and conduct big data analysis to find out untapped data to obtain key regulatory parameters.

II. Nontoxic environmental control cultivation technique

  1. We use Taiwan grown rice as the medium, to keep off heavy metal hazard.

  2. Double protection including independent bottled cultivation and environmental control technique

  3. Being isolated from bacteria contamination, getting rid of the misgivings about fungicides

  4. The cultivating method can block the pest and diseases without insecticides.