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Quality Control

To make sure our customers will obtain high-quality and safe products, we conduct strict quality control "from farm to table". From our manufacturing environment, material import, manufacturing processes, to the packaging process, every steps are strictly monitored.

Manufacturing process and quality control:

Room and equipment cleaning
Material import, inspection and acceptance
Ingredients measure and mixture
Picking procedure: Move the ingredients to the operating area
Manufacturing Processes
Goods inspection
Finished goods are stored and waited for delivery.
Ensure all tools and weighing equipment are cleaned properly.
Material checked by QC
Weighing of the ingredient is under QC supervision.
Material items and weight check
In-process QC every 30 minutes.
In-process QC every 30 minutes.
QC approval


Fungi Identification Analysis

Free amino acids
Content Report

Quantification of cordycepin,
adenosine, and polysaccharides