Antrodia (Antrodia cinnamomea) is a treasured Taiwanese mushroom that has been used by aboriginal tribes for centuries. It is known as the “ruby of Taiwan”, included in Asian folk medicine in the last few decades with remarkable benefits.

The in vitro and in vivo biological studies revealed the profits of A. cinnamomea extracts and its active components. A. cinnamomea consists of many beneficial ingredients including trieterpenoids, β-glucan, superoxide dismutase (SOD), adenosine, steroids, protein, vitamins, trace elements, lectin, amino acids, lignin, and nucleic acid. Among them, triterpenoids are the main active constituents and the source of the bitterness of Antrodia. It shows various bioactivities for its medicinal use, made up 15~45% and is much higher than the amount in Ganoderma, which is 1~3%. Antrodia is therefore labeled as “King of Ganoderma”. In addition, the polysaccharide in Antrodia is especially good for nutritional supplement and health maintenance.