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Academic Research

  1. Research, development, and production proceed by Dalong Biotechnology
  2. Cooperate with partnering sectors to conduct
  3. Animal Testing

    Have been proven safe

    Be adopted by medical institutions as supplemental food for special patients

  4. Clinical Trial

    Academic institutions

    General and herbal medical clinics


Keep on pursuing excellence and innovation, Dalong Biotechnology cooperate with various research organizations with the expectation of providing more sophisticated products and services

Cooperatives Research Topic State
Chung Shan Medical University Cordyceps militaris as Immune Modulating Feed Additives Development Plan Finished.
Da-yeh University Development of Cordyceps militaris Dominant Species Restoration using LED Technique Finished.
Da-yeh University Effects of Cordyceps militaris on Protecting Renal Function in Animal Model Finished.
C. militaris has been proven with better renal protective effect than Norizalpinin
Industrial Technology Research Institute Assessment of acute and sub-acute oral toxicity of Dalong Cordyceps militaris in SD rat Finished.
Dalong C. militaris is proven safe.
Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital The Effect of Cordyceps militaris on Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and dysuria. Finished.
Preparing to publish.